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Trusted Advisor

First and foremost, use me as your right hand man, your consigliere, your trusted advisor. I can save you money by preventing hardware purchases that would cause us both unnecessary hassle and all it takes is a quick question to me before a decision is made.

Device Support

Does it run Microsoft Windows (workstation or server)? I can support it.  Is it an Apple product? Supported.  Is it a mobile phone or tablet? Supported.  Something else? Probably supported.


Your network?  I can build it, improve it and support it. Wired, wireless and office-to-office connections.



My proprietary multi-layer security product prevents viruses, alerts me to hacking attempts, and blocks malicious internet traffic before it even gets to you.


Your data is not completely safe unless there are multiple copies in multiple regions. I will make your data disaster-proof.

Monitoring and Prevention

I have a dashboard that allows me to monitor your devices and network so that I can prevent issues before they happen. Or, if something unpreventable happens, I will be notified and can immediately begin taking steps to remediate the problem.

Business Planning

Are your business processes technology-based? (Here’s a hint: most are!)  Bring me in and I will help you build out your business processes efficiently and save you money to boot. Let me mold your business into a powerful, efficient and profitable machine!


Still using an on-site server for your email or just don’t like your existing email provider? I can migrate you into a cloud email service or from one provider to another, giving you Email, Contacts and Calendar access (among other things) from anywhere with vastly easier device setup compared to the old way of doing things. You’ll get more reliable, faster service for a lower price compared to on-site.

Cloud Computing

Want to get rid of the rickety old server in your closet? We can talk about virtualizing your existing servers and moving you into the cloud and saving you a huge upfront cost on hardware.


Since most things run over the internet these days, I will consult with you and all possible providers to make sure you are hitting a price/performance sweet spot with your internet connection.

Office Moves

Getting too big for your office space? I can handle everything IT-related for your move from making sure the new location is properly-wired to ensuring your existing IT resources get moved safely and securely.


Have a big project you need additional experienced IT assistance with?

I can do all of this and save you 33% over a traditional IT support plan with one catch-all price. I will handle all the details so you can focus on your business and making a profit!

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