I understand that choosing your business’ IT solution can be a difficult process.

So here are a few more reasons why you should (and should not) hire LMK Consulting for all your business IT needs…


You Should Hire Me If...

  • You understand that regular maintenance is worth doing because it makes a system more reliable and predictable

  • You have regular, ongoing IT needs

  • You don’t mind delegating important IT decisions to a dedicated IT expert

  • You want to save money and have a predictable IT budget

You Should NOT Hire Me If...

  • You need  a live-in, full-time IT guy that you pay a salary

  • You are a home user. Sorry, I specialize in business IT support

  • You know a teenager that you think can do most of this “IT stuff” for you

  • You want to handle your own IT support

  • You only want me to handle issues occasionally when they break as opposed to working proactively to prevent issues in the first place

  • You don’t see any value in maintaining your system to ensure reliability and performance

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